The world is watching and as tourism slowly returns on a global scale, we would like to offer a “Back to Tourism” starter pack. With this concept we would like to offer a content, social media and online presence booster project. We feel that this is the perfect (and crucial) time to boost your online presence and showcase your incredible tourist destination or activity.

In the wake of our incredible journey through Namibia as the Covid Chronicles film production crew , we continue our support for local conservation, research, education and last but not least tourism with our cinematic films.

Our goal is to continue our support for local tourism and provide an affordable content creation service to boost your campsite, self catering homes, lodges, BnB, hotels, game reserves or luxury accommodation. For Namibians, by Namibians.

Whilst  at the same times growing networks and producing relevant local content. What does this entail?


Our video production crews are  geared to produce your professional product and service video. Discuss your ideas with us.

We suggest these formats for our Tourism Starter Pack Special:

  • 1 x 55 sec short social media video ad for Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook.
  • 1 x 1- 3 min trade promotion video for all your social media, agents, and Youtube channels
  • 1x content page with business info on the Travel Channel Namibia website

Get in touch with us for our production fee and access code to the TCN PRICING  menu on top of this page if you are the marketing representative of a  tourism businesses, safari lodge, resort, guest farm or bush camp in need of a video production and a quotation:

Call us on Zero-Eight-One -2797769.


Namibia is now competing with the best international travel destinations and we need to be fully prepared and present on the world market as a premier choice for available travel investment, BEFORE international travel opens up again. Travel destination choices are being made right now and we as Namibia need to position ourselves right in front of other competing tourist destinations, regionally and internationally.                                                                                                                     


We want everyone to have a chance to rapidly recover from their backlog and reach their online audiences faster, cheaper and better.If you are in the tourism business, we offer to showcase your exisiting professional corporate marketing  or promotion videos on TRAVEL CHANNEL NAMIBIA.


Video advertisers do not pay for their first year on TRAVEL CHANNEL NAMIBIA, based on the valued principle of “fly now – pay later”.

This is our our contribution to the collaborative effort to assist in the fast revovery of local tourism. We make our social media channels available to promote Namibia as a premier tourism destination to international travellers and their agents.

What you get:

  • Your own video on TCN.
  • Your own single business page on TCN website.
  • Your content, video and additional info.
  • Direct contact links to your business.

In short: you would only have to opt for paying for your placement service after 12 months have past, provided you want to continue benefiting from the TRAVEL CHANNEL NAMIBIA global reach. We are, however, convinced you would not want to leave our global platform, and that the N$4950 per business /  per year will be one of your best marketing investments for 2021.

We shall attempt to accommodate everyone as smoothly as reasonably possible, and believe it to be fair to upload material on a first-come-first served basis.

Send us your short story about your business , WeTransfer your your video,  and we will do the rest.

eMail: jens[at]

Contact us at: Zero Eight One – 279-7769


Get your privately produced holiday vlog video, YouTube and Vimeo content displayed and aired on on TRAVEL CHANNEL NAMIBIA by Conservation Film Foundation for free.

TCN is a single, curated and consolidatd platform of high-end privately produced and owned videos and vlogs of private travellers to Namibia.

No more searching through countless other video platforms. On TCN all Namibia video content is under one roof.


That could include your private experiences in Namibia, your favourite places, lodges or camp sites. how-to-tips and tricks for viewers, e.g. how to make a fire in the bush, best braai methods, bush coffe, etc.

Very important: Ensure that you own the video material and your background music is either paid for or copyright free with artists clearly indicated.

Message TCN if you have a short video you want us to include our channel.

Send us the link to your private, copyright-free youtube or vimeo, we will do the rest.

Contact us at: Zero Eight One – 2797769