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We can best describe ourselves as Namibia by Nature. As brands  continuously have to adapt because society and travel markets have transformed to an instantly selectable, social media based click-of-a button global choice market, TRAVEL CHANNEL NAMIBIA answers with a dedicated and structured social media channel.

TCN advocates responsible tourism and promoting Namibia tourism as a driving force towards economic growth, inclusive development, and environmental sustainability to global travellers under the banner NAMIBIA BY NATURE.


TRAVEL CHANNEL NAMIBIA, through structured social media video channels, strives to be the largest and most subscribed public-private travel and tourism marketing and educational video channel to consolidate and channel all wildlife, landscape, cultural and heritage video footage from Namibia to the world travel and tourism markets.

Strategically adapting to be the leading digital social media travel channel of choice for the global knowledge based tourism sector, we aim at securing Namibia’s position at the forefront of traveller’s awareness and choice as a premium conservation driven tourist destination.



  • Operate a video marketing and educational platform to connect world markets, communities, and languages instantly and 24/7 with Namibia`s unique wildlife, landscapes, culture, environment, and wildlife conservation travel destinations.
  • Produce and channel content for awareness, marketing, and promotion of Namibia as prime tourist destination on one consolidated, searchable, and virtual platform.
  • Channelling generic branding and marketing of the Namibia Travel and Tourism sector through a structured environment and conservation based digital video and live streaming platform.
  • Penetrating new markets, promoting local tourism, ensure conservation as key priority in producing and hosting tourism related videos, promoting communal conservancies and cultural tourism. Produce and channel content for awareness, marketing, and promotion of Namibia as prime tourist destination on one consolidated, searchable, and virtual platform.
  •  Through video, social media channels and portrayal of our wildlife, elevate Namibia’s natural heritage as the globally preferred conservation tourism destination.


  • Inspired by a sense of responsibility and desire to contribute to a better world.
  • Preserving our Heritage for the next generation, the digital generation.
  • Be the voice for and advocate wildlife conservation and education.
  • Guided by Constitution of Namibia, UN SDG, Vision 2030, NDP 5
  • To vigorously compete against top digitally branded global tourist destinations.
  • Channel maximum tourism spending to Namibia.
  • Provide a consolidated marketing hub for Namibia tourism providers.


  • Generational emerging global markets e.g. Youth Tourism.
  • Global tourism re-seller agents.
  • Private and public tourism stakeholders and policy makers.
  • Social media influencers and digital content creators.


  • Provide wildlife LIVE streaming from private lodges and national parks, engaging the world in protecting wildlife, and inviting the world in experiencing wildlife in its natural habitat.
  • Creating natural environmental awareness and educational campaigns.
  • Reaching out to Youth, Culture and Wildlife Tourism.
  • Making conservancies part of the foundation of the future.
  • Focusing on the preservation and growth of our environmental heritage.
  • Inspiring travellers to contribute and re-visit NAMIBIA.
  • Working towards greater public/private sector collaboration.


Lodges, Guest Farms, Resorts, Hotels, Restaurants, Safari Operators,


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